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Apple Valley, CA 92308
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Who We Are

TerraMins Inc. is a mining and economic geology consulting Service Company, specializing in industrial minerals and cement manufacture of raw materials. Our office is located in Victorville. The center of California’s leading mining district. TerraMins’ Services include Mineral Resource Surveys, Mineral Land Appraisals, Marketing Studies, Claims Maintenance, Expert Witness Testimony, Mine Reclamation Studies, Permit Applications, Geological Mapping, Exploration, Drilling, Sampling, Reserve Determination, and Market Studies.

TerraMins was founded in 1999 and has benefited from the combined professional career experience of the founders Paul K. Morton and Dinah O. Shumway, which spans over 75 years. This depth of experience enables TerraMins to recognize and define client needs and problems quickly, providing effective and cost-efficient solutions. Established business experience has also provided TerraMins personal and professional relationships with other knowledgeable mining professionals in related disciplines such as mining engineering, geotechnical, environmental, financial, and mine planning. These professional contacts can be utilized in any project.

TerraMins’ clients include mining companies, and those who have an interest in properties with mineral potential. TerraMins is unique because of our primary focus on identifying quality and quantity of mineral resources, especially cement and cement raw material, their geological occurrence, chemical and physical characteristics, and market applications. Our customers need us to provide them with the most accurate, proficient, and economical data possible.